How do I register to take the exam?

Process is simple. Login to our site (Ravingo.in), click on Register link, fill in minimum required information, pay the exam fees and you will receive link for the exam that will become active on the day(s) exam window opens.

What are the expenses candidate is expected to bear?

If you are selected for the educational tour, all you need to have is a passport. Our team will work through the visa process (visa expenses will be borne by us) with you. You have to, however, cooperate with the schedules, provide required documents on time to move the process along. While on the tour, we will bear the cost of flights (to and fro), transportation, meals (3 meals a day), hotel (sharing by gender). We will not sponsor any personal expenses like shopping for instance.

What if I do not apply for the passport? Will Ravingo help with that too?

Unfortunately, Ravingo does not help with Passport application. If a selected individual fails to procure passport to proceed with the visa process on time, we will disqualify that candidate to make room for other qualified candidate. No exceptions.

What if I choose not to take the trip? Are there any alternative awards or gifts?

Ravingo’s goal is to get the qualifying candidates experience of a foreign land. If you decide, for whatever reason, not to go after getting selected, then we will simply allot your slot to the next deserving candidate. There are no arrangements to pay cash or gifts in lieu of the educational tour.

What will be the syllabus for the exam?

If you have prepared for CAT, EAMCET or other competitive exams to get into Engineering or Masters’ courses, then you are already familiar with the subject. Exams will be computerized and the complexity of the questions changes based on your responses to the question(s) presented. Here are the details of the syllabus that will be presented in the exam.
1. Quantitative Ability
2. Verbal Ability
3. Reasoning
4. GK (India related)

Where do I give this exam?

You can write the exam from the comfort of your home or wherever you can get access to internet. This means, you can even take the exam from your smart phone.

If I can take the exam from home or wherever I want, what if I cheat?

We conduct the exam on honor system. If you want to look up in books, google or seek help, we will not monitor that. Although we would be surprised if those aspiring to go further in life will look for shortcuts.

Is there any age restriction?

There is minimum age of 18, however, there is no cut-off age. At this point, we will not consider individuals below the minimum age of 18.

Do I need parental consent?

Simple answer is yes. However, we will not require parental consent in writing as we will be executing the agreement with the candidate and that is why the minimum age of 18 is required.

Is there any educational qualification required?

A minimum of 10+2 is required, however, there is no upper restriction.

Can I attend the exam more than once after the exam window opens?

Yes, a candidate can register for the exam more than once. Simply go through the registration process using your current email/login credential.

When and where will I find the results?

Candidates will be notified via email once the results are released.

Do I need a computer to attend the exam?

You need to have access to any system, whether it be computer or smartphone that lets you access the exam online.

Do I need internet to attend the exam?

Yes, the exam is conducted online and needs candidate to have uninterrupted internet access.

What if my internet fails during the exam?

Your progress is auto-saved during the exam. If internet connection gets lost - you can log back into the exam after you have internet again. You can pick the exam back where you left it.

What if my visa gets rejected?

If your visa gets rejected for any genuine reason - we will automatically enroll you into our next batch, you do not have to take the exam again. If the visa gets rejected second time, Ravingo, at its own discretion, will grant you a scholarship.

What if my friend or relative wants to come with me?

We offer free of cost educational tours to those who qualify in our exam. If your friend or relative wants to come along - they will have to go through visa and ticketing process on their own. Ravingo will not be providing any assistance.