Past Projects
Our Pilot project included trips to Singapore and Malaysia where the winners of Ravingo's Asia Dream Trip exam had the opportunity to visit world's most renowned Universities including National University of Singapore (NUS) and Universiti of Malaya.

Our Dream Trip journey started in Hyderabad on Friday 02-Sep-2016. The first stop was Singapore on 03-Sep-2016. While traveling from Singapore Airport to the Hotel, our crew tried to find a single piece of trash anywhere but were unsuccessful. The country was maintained in pristine condition. One feels the cleanliness and marvel in the midst of concrete jungle. Here is a shot of 'clean city':

While the objective of our trip is to give students exposure to what these two countries had to offer, we still had lot of time for fun. Our crew visited Marina Bay, one of the most popular spots in Singapore. Here them posing for us.

Day 2: 03-Sep-2016: Sunday was fun-day for the whole team. Team got to visit China Town, Little India, shopping was squeezed in on this day too.

Day 3: 04-Sep-2016: Our scheduled visit to National University of Singapore (NUS) was on this day. Team was taken on campus tour, meeting with faculty and a live question and answer session with the NUS faculty. Team also visited Singapore Management University on this day and discussed their finance programs and opportunity that await. One student from our winners was from Finance background and found this meet very helpful in her career choices.

Day 4: 05-Sep-2016: Our team took the early morning flight to Malaysia from Singapore. After relaxing a bit at the hotel, team headed to Universiti of Malaya (UM). The reception and hospitality at UM was amazing (see our special thanks below). The lively interactive tour, visit to the yearly photo shoot area, Q&A regarding what UM has to offer (did you know that doing MS at UM is more economical than doing MS in India at a premier institution?!).

Special acknowledgement to Universiti of Malaya:

Of the many memorable moments these 5 winners had during the Malaysia and Singapore Dream Trip, the hospitality of University of Malaya (UM) has made the most impact.

“While other Universities strive to catch up with technologies and offerings in market, UM's programs seem to be designed to bring the next new thing to the market. Forget about competing, think about creating a new path for the world”, one of the students on our tour commented.

That is powerful for anyone aspiring to build a career that is satisfying and at the same time contributes to the progress.

The reception at every step, including at the gate of UM, was astounding. Fatima at the UM was pivotal in arranging our tour and helping our team to meet the faculty of UM. The presentation specifically designed for us gave a great overview of what UM had to offer and the faculty and staff answered the numerous questions we asked.

We were surprised to know that it is more economical to pursue a world class MS at UM than in India! This fact surprised everyone on this trip.

We look forward to visit UM many more times in the future and possibly create unique opportunities to brightest of the bright students from India to study in UM.

Heartfelt thanks to UM from Team Ravingo.